Allison believes wellness shouldn't stress you out.

Her classes, retreats, and events provide a sanctuary for busy, hard-working people just like you.  Known for her soothing voice, warm style, and a focus on the breath, Allison's class will lighten any load you're carrying. 

As both a nationally featured yoga teacher and Fortune 100 human resources manager, Allison understands how life's demands can get us out of balance.  She's here to guide you back to wholeness.


Our lives are stressful enough and you deserve time just for you - with nothing to worry about other than deepening your next breath.  Allison guides students every step of the way, learning to stay centered even in the midst of challenge. 


"Gift yourself an hour on your mat.  I promise the hard things grow easier after yoga renews your mind, body and soul."

Allison Erwin

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Cincinnati, OH, USA

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