Fall Renewal Yoga & Nature Retreat Day

October 9, 2021

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​​Seasonal transitions are a time for renewal. Join us for a day of yoga and nature in one of Cincinnati's beautiful parks. 


Location:  Mount Airy Forest, Cincinnati's largest urban park. Retreat activities take place outdoors, under the canopy of the trees. 

Date: Saturday, October 9, 2021

Time: 9am-2pm


​​​What's included?

  • Two yoga classes: an invigorating morning class to wake up and get moving, and a relaxing afternoon class to unwind

  • Group hike and forest meditation

  • Group lunch: nourishing, seasonal and fresh

  • Seasonal Renewal workshop: set your intentions for this new season, through guided journaling in tune with the rhythms of fall

  • Time to reflect, connect with others, and/or spend time by yourself


Note that all activities are optional. Retreats are "you time," so feel free to choose how you spend your time on the grounds.

Why a yoga retreat?  Come home to yourself, connect with nature, connect with others, learn a new yoga pose, or simply breathe in the arrival of spring. 


If you are called to join, this is a sign you were meant to join us!


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