Yoga for Brides

Is wedding planning taking priority over self-care?  Let's ignite your inner radiance!

Allison creates uplifting yoga experiences for bachelorette parties, morning-of yoga, and in her signature Bridal Reset Yoga Circles.


Through her graceful yoga classes and inspiring meditations, you'll radiate the joy and excitement you feel inside.  Let her help you celebrate with the magic of yoga. 

A mindful morning to start your big day.

Past brides count these classes as one of the most special moments of their wedding day.


Take a pause, a big breath, surrounded by people who love you most. Getting centered sets the tone for a radiant day.

Allison weaves special touches into her graceful wedding classes. She knows this is the most important day of your life and is here to celebrate, honor and uplift you. 


$100 for 1-hour class, other options available (online or in-person).

For brides craving peace, balance and joy. 

Wedding planning today has you making A LOT of decisions. 


Is it dulling your shine?  Leaving your energy zapped?  Your head spinning?


My signature Bridal Yoga Reset shows you how to reclaim your shine, through yoga, meditation and connection to other brides who know what you're going through.

The unconventional choice, still a blast. 

You want a memorable bachelorette party, but you're more "brunch" than "bar crawl."

Yoga parties with Allison are a great way to celebrate. Yoga's accessible to everyone, from your advanced yogi friends to those who've never tried it.

Allison curates a perfect class for your vision, leaving you and yours refreshed, renewed - and ready for those mimosas.


$100 for 1-hour classes (available online or in-person).

Cincinnati, OH, USA

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