About Me

Welcome! I’m Allison, and I'm here to uplift others through yoga. I teach people of all backgrounds and experiences how to feel better and shine brighter. My classes flow gracefully and cultivate peaceful radiance.


Here's my yoga story:

I took my first yoga class in 2001 as part of a group fitness schedule. I loved the strengthening, stretching, and best of all: savasana. Then I left for college, where stress and less healthy habits started taking their toll.


I started having seizures at 19. There was no known cause, so doctors attributed it to stress. It took four seizures and two years of denial before realizing something needed to shift. In 2008, I came back to my yoga mat, prioritized sleep and ate more whole foods.


Things transformed. I dropped the stress and felt amazing. My work & life were finally in balance: I was still achieving everything I wanted to but enjoyed it, with more confidence and energy.

Now I use the tools of yoga everyday, in my personal practice and by sharing them with others. I'm a certified yoga teacher helping stressed-out clients just like you find the balance, peace and radiance you seek.


Let's meet soon: I teach classes in studios and online, host retreats, and offer specialty wedding yoga programs.


​Namaste, Allison


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