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Online Yoga Teacher

Curious how online yoga works?

I have been teaching individual and group yoga online since March 2020. I love the convenience of connecting and practicing together, no matter your location.

If you're new to the idea of online yoga, read on for how it works and FAQs!

How Online Yoga Works

Step 1: Register for a group class or private yoga session here.

Step 2: After registering, you will receive an email confirmation with a zoom link and buttons where you can add the appointment to your calendar.

Step 3: Approximately 2 hours before the appointment, you will receive a reminder email that also has the zoom link.

Step 4: Set up your computer and mat 5-10 minutes before class. If you are able to set your computer like this it gives me the best view. But don't worry if you don't have enough space, I will still be able to see and support you regardless of your setup.

Step 5: Click the link in the email to join class. It's that simple: Now enjoy your practice!

FAQs About Online Yoga

Can you really see me and teach me through online yoga?

Yes! I have been teaching online yoga since March 2020, both in group classes and private yoga sessions. It is seamless for us to see and hear each other. In many ways, online yoga allows me to give even better attention, as I can focus fully on you through the screen.

How is online yoga different from an in-person yoga class?

Online yoga offers the opportunity to join a yoga class or a private yoga session wherever you are in the world. Most of my students join from home, others from the gym after a workout, others from their office... wherever it's convenient that day. There is no need to drive, commute or park, so you'll also save time and money.

I like the community of in-person yoga. Do you get that in online yoga?

We have a great community in the virtual studio. I've watched people meet in online yoga and become friends. You are welcome to stay 10 minutes after class, to chat with me and other students. I also teach in-person around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, through pop-up events, free summer yoga, retreat days, and more - where many of my online yoga students also meet up in person. To stay informed on other offerings, sign up for my newsletter here.

What kind of privacy do you get in an online yoga class?

During group classes, participants remain muted, and your camera is visible only to me. No one else is watching or listening, so feel free to play your own music, wear anything you want, have your pets join you, or whatever makes your practice feel best. Another benefit of online yoga is that you can personalize the experience to you.

What equipment do I need?

I recommend having a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks and a blanket, but it's all optional. You could just practice on the carpet with nothing else if you wanted. You will also need a computer with a webcam, so that you can join class. Here is my recommended computer setup so that I can see you best, but don't worry if you don't have enough space, I will still be able to see and support you regardless of your setup.

Are the classes recorded if I can't attend live?

Yes! Class recordings are available on request for students who book single classes, and available via a private, on-demand video library for students who sign up for the monthly unlimited class pass. (No students are recorded in the video, just the teacher.)

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