Fall Renewal Yoga & Nature Retreat Day

October 3, 2020: Cincinnati, Ohio

​​Seasonal transitions are a time for renewal. Join us for a day of yoga and nature in Cincinnati's largest park, Mount Airy Forest. 


Location:  Mount Airy Forest is an urban oasis in Cincinnati. To allow for physical distancing, our retreat activities will take place entirely outdoors, under the canopy of the trees. Our corner of the park includes a covered picnic shelter, wide lawn with outdoor seating, a secluded grove for yoga, and quiet nature trails.


​​​What's included?

  • Two yoga classes: an invigorating morning class to wake up, have fun, and get moving, and a restorative afternoon class to de-stress, unwind, and feel rejuvenated from the inside out

  • Group hike and forest meditation

  • Group lunch

  • Fall Renewal workshop: daily practices to support your wellbeing, based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda

  • Time to reflect, connect with others, and/or spend time by yourself


Note that all activities are optional. Retreats are "you time," so feel free to choose how you spend your time on the grounds.

Why a yoga retreat?  Come home to yourself, connect with nature, connect with others, learn a new yoga pose, or simply breathe in the arrival of fall.  If you are called to join, this is a sign you were meant to join us!

Date:  Saturday, October 3, 2020 from 9:30am - 2pm

Price:  $80 per person, all-inclusive




Cincinnati, OH, USA

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