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Welcome to private yoga instruction, for all experience levels.

Designed just for you, private yoga sessions are tailored to your goals. Invest in self-care and deepening your yoga practice.


Book your online private yoga session here, or contact me for in-person availability.

Testimonials for private yoga with Allison:

"Private yoga is a way to care for yourself, a huge thing you can do just for you."

Annabelle (Idaho)

"Private yoga with Allison is incredible value. I was amazed at the level of personal attention."

Sherri (Ohio)

"It's very different from a group class, because Allison is there just for you."

Lisa (Germany)

Interested in working together? You can book a single session, or we can meet regularly on an ongoing basis. Sessions are available online, or contact me to check my current availability to meet in-person:

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