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Wedding planning these days has you making A LOT of decisions.

Is it leaving your energy zapped? 

Your head spinning?

Let's reclaim your shine.

Meditation Class

Re-ignite your radiance with a Yoga Reset Circle, just for brides.  Press pause on planning and enjoy time just for you.

My signature Bridal Reset Circles bring women together in small groups for yoga, meditation, and connection.  Brides join online from all over for our monthly hour together.


This isn't your basic stress management.  You deserve to feel amazing and to radiate the joy and excitement you feel inside.  Let's do it together.

Bridal Reset Circles

About Allison:


Featured in national workshops and at Fortune 100 companies, Allison understands how life's demands get us out of balance.  She's here to guide you back to wholeness.


Her mission is to uplift others through yoga, helping you reclaim your shine.  Enjoy graceful yoga sequences and inspiring meditations that will light up.


Allison's secret sauce is:









Allison's classes are beautiful.  She has amazing presence.

Kathryn T.

Wow, I really feel her classes in my heart.

Charlotte W.

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