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Practicing Yoga at Home

Practicing yoga at home is becoming more and more common. I love the convenience and comfort. No driving, parking, face masks needed. All you need is about 6 feet of open space! I do have some recommendations to recreate the "yoga studio feel" at home and set yourself up for a supportive yoga practice.

Get My Top 2 Yoga Supplies

While you can practice yoga without these items, I find they're great additions without having to invest much.

While you could practice yoga on the regular floor, I highly recommend a yoga mat. It will help prevent slipping and provide some cushioning. My favorite is the Jade brand, made of sustainable rubber.

The next set of props I would invest in are 2 yoga blocks. Blocks are very versatile, and there aren't a lot of great substitutes (maybe a thick book, like a dictionary). I use them to create more space in poses like lunges and standing warrior sequences. I use them to add challenge in certain poses and for strength training. And I use them in restorative yoga poses for support and opening.

Supplement with Some Other Props

You probably don't need to buy these next ones: I recommend having 1-2 blankets and 1-2 pillows nearby for yoga practice. These are great for:

  • staying warm and making savasana, our final relaxation, more comfy

  • providing extra support for restorative yoga poses where we need to find soft relaxation.

  • providing cushioning under achy wrists and knees

As you develop your own sustainable yoga practice, you might find other items you'd like. Maybe an eye pillow, yoga strap or massage balls.

Maybe an essential oil diffuser, a speaker for your favorite playlist or a journal to take notes. Enjoy the process of developing your yoga practice and setting up your home space!

What else do you like to practice with?

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